We would like to welcome you to Caralot Poodles. We are poodle breeders in southern Indiana. Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy our site. Be sure and check us out on Facebook too.

Show poodle on Dispay First and Foremost, all of our poodles are housedogs and loved dearly! Our poodles, from the time they are born, have never been housed outside or in a kennel building. They have a three acre chain link fenced yard to play in when they are outside. They are allowed to come and go as they please through a doggy door. Usually they can be found just lounging around on the couch or recliner. All of our poodles are groomed on a regular basis every four to six weeks.

We have been breeding, showing and just loving our poodles for eighteen years. Although conformation is very important, we feel that temperament and health is more important than anything. All of our poodles are registered with the American Kennel Club and have been health tested for the recommended tests for their variety.

We breed three sizes of poodles. We DO NOT breed poodle mixes and do not promote the breeding of any kind of doodle! Poodles come in about every color and all colors are recognized by the AKC although only solid colors can be shown. All colors can be shown in the UKC ring. We breed solids and occasionally multi-colors including phantoms and partis. All of our dogs must pass their health testing and our puppies are guaranteed for three years. (Please see our guarantee page)

Standard Poodle - The average size of the standard poodle is 24". Males are usually larger than females. The adult weight averages 45 pounds and up. The standard poodle does require exercise but is very content just laying around at your feet too. They make great jogging partners. They are also wonderful family dogs and watchdogs. Don't be fooled by their looks, they are WONDERFUL watchdogs & hunters.

MOYEN/KLEINPUDEL - Moyen (medium is the French word for the fourth size in France. The rest of Europe refers to them as kleins (medium). They are a recognized size in Europe. Sadly, they are not a recognized size in the United States. Per the AKC, anything over 15" is considered a standard. Their size ranges from 16" to 20", and weigh between 20 and 35 pounds. This size makes a wonderful apartment dog. They are also a great size for children. They are big enough to play hard, but small enough to sit beside you on the couch and cuddle.

MINIATURE - The miniature is over 10" up to 15". They usually weigh between 12-18 pounds. They are the perfect size for cuddling. They are not yappy like a lot of the smaller breeds. Although they love to be cuddled, they can be just as tough as their larger cousins.

All of our poodles run together. It's quite funny when we all go for our nightly walk. You never know who is going to get to the ball first. Trust me, if the little ones want it, they will have it! Honestly, the little miniatures have the standards trained. Very rarely do we have any squabbles.