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Our names are Julie Bogart and Rebecca Bertouille. We live in Southern Indiana close to Louisville, Kentucky. We have been best friends for 35 years and have always been in the dog show world. Rebecca grew up with Shetland sheepdogs and Julie grew up with miniature poodles. We have both experienced several different breeds through our years of showing and breeding.

We decided to devote our lives to the poodle. We had our first experience with the standard poodle when we started grooming 25 years ago. Every standard that came into the shop was just absolutely awesome! Their intelligence is just unimaginable. They are so easily trained. I think this applies to our other sizes also.

The poodle is ranked number two in intelligence out of all the AKC dog breeds. They are just behind the border collie. The poodle is also in the top ten dog breeds for children. Our poodles love everyone! We also take our poodles to the local elementary school for shows. Imagine ten poodles amongst hundreds of children! The children are all over the dogs and the dogs just love it. All of our poodles are truly family dogs.

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When it comes puppy time, our arrangement works out perfectly. The dogs feel at home at either one of our homes. We live close to each other so the dogs spend time at both of our homes. Rebecca usually does the whelping at her house. When the puppies are of weaning age, we split the litter up so they can be part of a smaller group. This way we can give them so much more attention. This helps us to monitor their personalities better too. We always want to be able to place them in the home that matches their personalities the best.
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