Who We Are?

We breed beautiful solid colored MINIATURE POODLES. We do all health and genetic testing on our poodles. Our poodles are never housed in a kennel. They are all happy, healthy family members that live in the house as members of our family.

Our Mission

“Blood makes you related…                  
                Love makes you family”


We have been breeding, showing and just loving our poodles for 25 years.  Although conformation is very important, we feel that health and temperament is more important than anything.  Most of our puppies go to pet homes and we want them to be an enjoyable member of your family.

Our names are Julie Bogart and Rebecca Bertouille.  We have been best friends since we were in school.  We both have always shared a love for dogs and horses.  Our children grew up in our world of showing dogs and horses.  We no longer own horses and have dedicated our lives to our poodles since we are both empty nesters.  We live about ten miles from each other so we both share in the rearing of puppies.   Both of our homes are similar in the way we house our poodles.  They live with us in our homes where they are loved and adored members of our families.  We both love to travel to dogs shows or just to see the country.  We have RVs  that accommodate all of our poodles.  The poodles have enjoyed seeing the country too!  Our poodles are a huge part of our lives and are always our constant companions.